backcountry Skiing on Seiland


Seiland House is a guesthouse located in the middle of a fantastic fjord landscape and just in the limits of Seiland National Park. The house is surrounded by stunning nature where steep mountains plunge into the sea.

Here you can find everything from steep, demanding skiing to easy tours in the birch forest. Seiland is, despite its fantastic scenery, a relatively new peak trip destination.

You can go for days in Seiland without seeing people or other ski tracks. A completely unique and different experience than the other big top tour destinations places in Norway.

Period: From midt February to midt May.

Seiland National Park has a range of beautiful mountains, with Seilandstuva as its highest point, 1078 meters above the sea level and a magnificent view to Store Kufjord. Here you can also find several lakes, the two northernmost glaciers in Scandinavia – Seilandsjøkelen and Nordmannsjøkelen – and many alpine peaks more than 800 m high that invite skiers for a new challenge in an almost not explored place. This, combined with the mountains of the neighbor island Stjernøya, situates the guesthouse as a new and exciting destination for those who are interested in the sea to summit experience.


We in Seiland House offer self-catering apartments  for groups from 4 to 6 persons and possibilities for extra rooms. 

We also provide the boat transfer to access to the different locations, with endless possibilities for authentic “sea to summit” experiences far away from the crowd.

On request, we prepare local and international dinners in our restaurant and fresh cocktails and drinks in our Caribbean Bar. 

After skiing, you can take a relaxing time in our outdoor bath and enjoy the fjord and river view from our sauna and hot tub (be aware that you need to reserve it previously with our staff). You can also be lucky to get surprised by a fantastic Northern Lights show. 


So far, we do not provide backcountry skiing guides on place. Anyway, the guide that you and your group bring, will have immediate access to our guidebook.  

This book has been prepared by a consultant company who tested our product and contains important information about the tours possibilities in Seiland and Stjernøya, descriptions about the main route and alternatives with associated information about avalanche terrain and points that you must be aware of.

Because your safety is one of our priorities, we will keep you updated with our local knowledge on the weather and avalanches forecast.