After a two hour flight from Oslo to Alta and a one hour boat ride, you find the beautiful island of Seiland out in the Alta Fjord. Our guesthouse is located in Rognsundet, which lays in the southwestern part of Norway’s eighth largest island.

Seiland House has a capacity for up to 50 guests in single, double, triple and 4-bed rooms plus 6 apartments with a fully installed kitchen with dining table, living room, toilet/shower and free Wi-Fi.

In our cozy restaurant with panoramic view across Rognsund, we serve local dishes. We have a hot tub and a sauna area by the river, which can be an excellent place to end your night under Midnight Sun or Northern Lights.

Seiland is a place you can enjoy to visit both summer and winter in the North of Norway. Its beautiful nature works as a motivator to climb the surrounding mountains and explore the wonderful landscapes, lakes and glaciers, which you can find all across the island. The place allows you to embrace the very relaxing atmosphere, and enjoy every moment of your holiday. The waters of Rognsund invites you to the fishing experience of your life, due to the favorable conditions of this strait. All while experiencing the unique Midnight Sun.

During the winter season, you may also want to tilt your head upwards. At Seiland House, the light pollution is close to non-existent. This makes the Aurora Borealis much more visible than in a city.

Additionally, we can offer a wide variety of activities that will make your trip to the Arctic unforgettable. This includes pictures with king crabs, watching the life of reindeer and polar dogs, fishing in an ice lake and snowshoeing in beautiful landscapes.

The trekking-possibility in the nearby mountains is a great attraction for the ones who are drawn to the “sea to summit”-experience. Here you can find peaks higher than 800 meters above sea level and the northernmost glaciers in Scandinavia.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding Seiland House and the surrounding area.


Seiland House is built on these four values:

  • Commitment – We are a multicultural team with a common willingness to give our time, knowledge and energy to help you to enjoy your holidays in the place we believe the nature and our service is the best luxury we offer.
  • Security – We will always prioritize your safety above all else.
  • Enthusiasm – We love what we are doing, and hope to share that joy with every one of our visitors.
  • Sustainability – We are very focused in the future generations and therefore give our contribution to a better world. Learn more here: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/2hlekrtl0pyaftgur5q3m/Seiland-House-Substainability.docx?dl=0&rlkey=ec05hwoaz8jngh2wakmaxuqhx   

This is something that is central among our employees and partners. And this is what you as a customer will recognize in your stay with us.
Over the years we have developed good knowledge over the weather conditions, being very respectful with the nature and its dangers. That is why we try to keep our guests updated about the forecast and our advises are always mainly focused on their well-being.

How to get to Seiland

To access to Seiland House you can take a passenger boat/catamaran from Alta Ruttebåtterminal or from the pier at Storekorsness (60 km from Alta Center). Both piers have a free and safe parking place.  

It is important to notice that you should not take your car to the island because there is not always availability for cars in the passenger boat.

To know the timetables for the boat you can check: www.snelandia.no

Important: Check from Alta Ruttebåtterminal/Storekorsnes to Altneset Kai. The day before you are planning to leave the island you should send a message to the boat to get pick up at Altneset kai on Seiland. 


A little history

Seiland House is a guesthouse hosted by the Cuban – Norwegian couple Diamela and Stig.
It was previously a boarding school for children in the district, but as the number of students decreased,  it was closed in January 2011. 
When the boarding was put up for sale, we saw an opportunity to realize a dream of starting an event and conference venue out of the ordinary. In 2009 we bought the former dormitory, in 2010 the adjacent property that was used as teacher housing, and in September 1, 2011, we took over the school to be used for conferences and indoor activities.

Since then we have refreshed and rebuild the place, as a sustainable way to give value to this especial building in the middle of stunning nature. In 2018 we began to analyse the enormous potentialities of Seiland House to become a full year tourist destination. As a result of this, we have initiated investments and expansion.

During all this years Seiland House has become a meeting place not only for tourists. From all over the world come to Seiland volunteers engaged by the landscapes, remoteness, silence, peace and wilderness in the nature of this place.