There is deep water on both sides of the strait:
In the south part you can get flounder and redfish as well as catfish and cod. In Sørøysundet it is very often caught very large pollock and even the fish ling. Studying the sea chart, you will discover an exciting seabed. The areas Vargsund, Korsfjorden, Årøysundet and Stjernsund contain a lot of redfish.
All around there are many runs, steep cliffs, plateaus and long sandy beaches, which is a perfect habitat for large fish, like the impressing halibuts our guests get frequently as their trophy fish.


We are happy to offer you:

Fishing boats (19 ft 50, 70 and 80 hp) with instruments, warm clothes and fishing equipment for rent. 

Safety and updated weather forecast information. Our main focus will be always to help you to enjoy in safety hands, therefore we will keep an eye in the wind conditions due to local knowledge and give you tips for a safe fishing.    

Fishing instructions with underwater maps and advises about best places. It will always be a pleasure for us to show you the best spots, so, do not hesitate to ask. 


If you are interested, we can also arrange fishing in the lake nearby, where you can catch trout and char.

Most of the island is National Park and to walk around in the nature is an experience you can not miss. Just behind the House there are 3 marked paths for trekkers. Under request we can arrange boat transfer to the starting point of glacier trekking. 

You can also pick berries and mushrooms very near to the house and meet the reindeer herds quite frequently in the summer. 

Important to know: The driver of the boat have to present a regular driving license for boat or be an experience boat driver born before 1980.