There is deep water on both sides of the strait:
In the south part you can get flounder and redfish as well as catfish and cod. In Sørøysundet it is very often caught very large pollock and even the fish ling. Studying the sea chart, you will discover an exciting seabed. The areas Vargsund, Korsfjorden, Årøysundet and Stjernsund contain a lot of redfish.
All around there are many runs, steep cliffs, plateaus and long sandy beaches, which is a perfect habitat for large fish.


We offer:

– Fishing boats with instruments, warm clothes and equipment for rent.

– Safety and updated weather forecast information.

– Fishing instructions with underwater maps and advises about best places.


If you would like we can also arrange fishing in the lake, where you can catch trout and char.

In order for visitors to be able to fish in freshwater in Finnmark they must buy a fishing license. This is for all that is between 16 and 67 and this card can be purchased from