Northern Lights


The North of Norway is worldwide known as one of the best places to enjoy spectacular views of the northern lights. The best season is winter, as it has most hours of darkness. However, in spring and autumn you can also see the northern lights, if the conditions are optimal.
Being located on an island, far from the light pollution of cities, Seiland is a perfect place to observe and photograph it.


While living in our apartments or bedrooms you can enjoy the Northern Lights sometimes even through our panoramic glass windows. We offer you warm clothes and boots to rent for outdoor activities and good tips for Northern Lights hunters. There are snowshoes for rental too. The House offers traditional dinners by candlelight in an intimate atmosphere and fresh cocktails from our Caribbean bar. The Northern Lights can also be seen from our outdoor sauna and hot tub. 


We can offer a variety of activities during winter season, according to availability:

  • Experience meeting and tasting king crabs and get them in your pictures.
  • Visit and feed our reindeer in fence while we tell you more about sami culture.
  • Get in contact with polar dogs and poppies.
  • Snowshoe around the beautiful Seiland forests and hills.
  • Join to whale safaris in the fiords.
  • Try ice fishing in the lake “Skarvevann”.